How We Help - Our Services

What can we do for you?

Sherlock Homes offers a complimentary strategy session for every client. Contact us today to find out which pathway works best for you. 

First Home Buyers - Getting Started

Sherlock Homes is here to make sure one of your biggest life purchases is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We want you to learn how to avoid costly mistakes that a lot of first time buyers experience. We also connect you with third-party industry professionals who can help you on your journey. 

As a bonus, find out where the best places to purchase your home are, and how your property can work for you for longer than its life as your own home!


First Time Investors - Strategy Education Services

Learn Property Strategies, Investment Terms and how to find the best opportunities with Sherlock Homes. 

We will cover what ‘recipe’ makes a quality investment opportunity and how to understand what market factors and influences will dictate a properties potential. 

Sherlock Homes is the investigative specialist you know and trust. 


Seasoned Investors - Portfolio Health-check Services

Less than 10% of Australians have investment properties, and less than 10% of them have made it past the ownership of three properties. 

If you’ve found yourself stagnating or unable to purchase more or even handle what you currently have, reach out to Sherlock Homes and we can give your portfolio a ‘Health Check’.

Find out how your portfolio could be working harder for you, or how you can grow it even further.