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Housing and affordability

The current problem.

We are facing multiple stress points in the housing market across Australia. Investors and Homebuyers alike are feeling the pinch due to interest rates and the high entry point to get into the market, and rising rental costs and record-low vacancy rates are forcing tenants into substandard rentals. 

Standard property investment methods no longer offer the returns to investors of years past, and the product that it delivers is no longer what a tenant desires. 
We are seeing an abundance of standard family homes that are expecting rental prices that tenants can no longer afford, which is putting pressure both on an investors bottom line and capacity to build their portfolio, but also on tenants and how far their money can stretch. 

Excerpt from Gallery Homes 

The new solution?

CoLiving offers a landlord up to three tenancies under the one roof, while offering a tenant their own space for less.

While multi-tenant dwellings and investment styles have been around for many years, CoLiving offers one very valuable asset that other models cant, the home is still a traditional home. 

The biggest benefit of this model is the Exit Strategy this offers to an investor.

CoLiving designs enhance the way that people can live together. Each home has three separate and lockable bedrooms, each with their own ensuite and secure storage. This allows for three separate and independent tenants to coexist in a shared space will maintaining privacy. 

Each tenant can choose either a dedicated car space in the garage or the exclusive use of the fourth bedroom or media room, depending on their needs. The communal oversize kitchen also offers each tenant their own lockable storage and pantry space. 

The tenants perspective

While a tenant is technically sharing the home with other people or strangers, he or she will have their own lockable space, bedroom and even pantry.

Offering privacy, space, confidence and the ability to decide when a space is shared, CoLiving is proving to be a very popular solution for tenants who want to enjoy living alone without breaking the bank.

The Investors perspective

Most multi-tenancy investment opportunities are Class B dwellings, meaning they are a commercial enterprise from a bank and investor perspective. 

CoLiving however, is a Class A dwelling, just like your family home. This means that the purchasing costs are very similar to a standard home, and maintenance costs are also standard to a family home.

Give yourself, your tenants and your mortgage some breathing room

CoLiving is a purpose built property solution that offers an investor superior Capital Growth and Rental Returns, while also offering a tenant the chance to enjoy their own space without the costs of living alone. 

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