Why Sherlock Homes

"When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Built on the legacy of Sherlock Holmes, our company prides itself on being similar to ‘Consultant Detectives’. With all of our strategies based on factual knowledge, logical reasoning and market observations, we can stand behind our recommendations with confidence. 

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective, born in the 1880’s Victorian Era London. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock is known for his superior observation and deduction skills, intense forensic knowledge and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic. 

Doyle is quoted as saying he modelled Sherlock after his professor at The University of Edinburgh Medial School, Professor Bell, who engaged his uncanny ability observation skills and deductive reasoning to diagnose patients.

Sherlock is arguably the most famous fictional detective today, with his telltale pipe, deerstalker and trusty Watson at his side, Sherlock has built a legacy around his skills that are second to none. 

We like the idea of Sherlock Holmes, like, a lot. Although he is messy, occasionally neurotic and forever curt to put it nicely, he is a game-changer when it comes to solving problems. Sherlock Holmes sets the bar in regards to investigations and what skills are required to be the best. 

It is with this vision that we approach every aspect of our work. We are game-changers.

Our approach is eccentric, just like Holmes. Our mission is grand and fantastic, just like Holmes. 

We don’t want to be same as everyone else; limiting ourselves with one type of product, service, consultation or style. Each situation is unique and so should the investigation surrounding it. 

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About Sherlock Homes

Our Process

It’s all about you! Our process helps you determine your Why, How and When with a clear-cut and concise timeline. 

The most important part of any investment journey is learning the ‘why’ behind it. 

Like any good investigation, finding out the motivation behind any decision is they key to success. In this part of our journey, we spend the time to find out what is your motivator; 
Do you want to create a second income? 
Do you want to offer security and guaranteed income to your family?
Do you want to have the freedom of choice in your retirement timeline? 

Tell us about you

Do you know what you want to achieve with your portfolio? 

There are a range of different, proven  investment strategies around today. Some work best for those with little Capital Investment but a lot of free time, while other strategies work for those with little time but with money that should be working harder for them. 

 We show you how best to implement your strategy and we help you along every step of the way. Through our established network of experienced property professionals, we can ensure that each step of your journey is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Learn your best strategy

Do you know what styles of property offer which benefits at which stage of your journey? Lets find out together. 

Now for the fun part! 

Property Investment should be an exciting experience, and we want you to enjoy the process of building your wealth. 

We show you what ‘ingredients’ make a quality investment opportunity and provide you with either qualified opportunities that we recommend, or a process to follow should you choose to be your own Sherlock! 

Build your Portfolio

Enjoy your hard work and put it to the test!

Treat yourself with a free consultation and coffee. 

Property investment can be one of the biggest decisions of your life, and as such should not be taken lightly. Similarly, your current goals may not align with Property Investment or quite frankly, our approach may not work for you. 

That is okay, but as a budding investor, you should always do your due diligence. 

One of our Strategists favourite quote is quite apt for this situation; “You’ve already got your no, you may as well try for a yes.”

Get in touch, lets have a chat and see what possibilities may arise. 

Need Advice?

Just have some general questions or concerns? 

Don’t let Analysis Paralysis get the better of you! Reach out today and lets discuss your questions and concerns over a coffee.