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A transparent approach to Real Estate and Investment.

Built on the foundations of honesty, integrity and the truth of Sherlock Holmes, our purpose is to help everyday Australians experience the benefits of property ownership.

First Home Buyers

We are here to help you understand every step involved in securing one of your greatest assets. From negotiation with an agent to get you the best price, to connecting you with quality Building inspectors, Conveyancers and other property experts necessary for your journey. 


First Time Investors

Feeling the drain of analysis paralysis? We can help to comprehensively explain  each of the Investment Strategies and work with you to create a clear-cut Investment Plan that works best for your situation and your unique goals. 

We work closely with Brokers, Agents, Solicitors and Accountants to help you achieve your goal.

Seasoned Investors

We can offer a free health check on your current portfolio, as well as a redirection if needed.

Use our established network of property professionals to gauge your ability to grow your portfolio, build your Capital Growth Potential and maximise your Cashflow. 


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Curious to know more? 
Maybe unsure of your next step or who you should be talking to? 

Fill out the contact form and a friendly staff member will be in touch and will answer all of your questions. 

Free Webinars and Events

As part of our commitment to expanding the knowledge of our clients, Sherlock Homes offers regular Webinars and Events, designed to offer a confidence-boosting leg up for our attendees. 

Previous webinars have focused on the different styles of Property Investment, the pro’s and con’s of Secondhand Real Estate versus Off-The-Plan and how to navigate Builders Contracts. 

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Client Recommendation

“ I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle on a number of projects. Her knowledge, passion and ability to explain things in terms that I understand has always filled me with confidence and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my Family, Friends or Colleagues. ”

- Cameron H.

Client Recommendation

“ Michelle is a hardworking and driven professional who never hesitates going the extra mile for those she’s working with. She has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the property industry. I would highly recommend her! ”

- Rhiannon Y.

Property Types

House and Land

To buy your own home has been the great Australian dream for decades, but does it still ring true? What about in terms of it's success or capacity as an investment?
While the land component of buying a house is an advantage, we need to pay attention to a States Land Tax.


The popularity of a Townhouse has recently skyrocketed. Seen as a happy medium between houses and apartments, townhomes offer owners or tenants the ability to live independently with some land closer to the city within a reasonable budget.

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Convenient, Simple and compact, apartments offer their owner money saving and space saving opportunities. From an investment perspective, Apartments usually have a much higher yield and, when purchased in the right locations, great vacancy rates.